GOD – God and Infinity / Question #2

#2 What is to be understood by infinity?

#2 - What is to be understood by infinity

“What which has neither beginning nor end; the unknown: all that is unknown is infinite.”

As human beings, it is quite easy to understand that something does not have an end, although everything on Earth has an end. Gautama Buddha actually taught us that everything has an end, everything is ephemeral; except for the Spirit, and some other things we surely don’t know about yet !

But how to understand, conceptualize something without any beginning? We have a beginning, birth date; everything around us has a beginning. Don’t you have this empty and incomplete feeling inside you when you try to understand that the Universe we live in and evaluate in has no beginning ? It doesn’t seem natural, possible nor explainable…

However, the Spirit answering here claims that all that is unknown is infinite, so what we don’t know about has simply no answer; or maybe all answers. What we don’t know about can be anything, or nothing. Universe is infinite because we are not aware of its limits; it makes me think of the Schrödinger’s cat theory, a cat is in a box with lethal items like poison, the poison is in a bottle so the cat might open it and die, or not open it and still be alive. As we cannot see what happens in the box we only can suppose events: die or alive. So for some people it is still alive, for some people it is dead; which means the cat is both alive and dead theoretically; but this can’t happen in material reality, so we can open the box and make the cat alive or dead based on previous supposition.

So here it is, cat can be alive or dead in everyone’s mind, but there is one reality only, and we need to open the box to know it. What is unknown is infinite, since we don’t know what, how, why it is; we only can suppose an infinite possibility of events that could occur. We only can create theories about the unknown until it becomes known and then, not infinite anymore.

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