GOD – God and Infinity / Question #3

#3 Can it be said that God is infinity ?

#3 - Can it be said that God is infinity

“An incomplete definition. Poverty of human speech incompetent to define what transcends human intelligence.”

As we wrote yesterday on the question #2, imaging that something has no beginning leaves us empty and unanswered; differently said, this transcends our human intelligence.

Comment from the book, by the author:
“God is infinite in His perfections, but “infinity” is an abstraction. To say that God is infinity is to substitute the attribute of a thing for the thing itself, and to define something unknown by reference to some other thing equally unknown.”


This question clotures the sub-chapter God and Infinity; to conclude, we know that our human intelligence and human speech do not allow us to know the full answers of these questions. But we can wonder why our speech is not competent enough for this knowledge, this knowledge is actually out of our reach so far. With scientists reaching more and more knowledge and understanding of our World better and better, and people of the World being more and more spiritual in their view of Life, we might have some new vocabulary to complete these answers sooner or later.

But so far, we just can’t open the box (cf question #2), and only imagine what is inside. But let’s take a look at our inner box, inside us. We might find answers to prepare ourselves for future answers brought by Spirits and scientists.

we recommend this book for those who want to start practicing safely.


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