God – Proofs of the Existence of God / Question #4

#4 What proof have we of the existence of God ?

#4 - What proof have we of the existence of God

“The axiom which you apply in all your scientific researches, ‘There is no effect without a cause.’ Search out the cause of whatever is not the work of man, and reason will furnish the answer to your question.”

The answer is quite clear, what is not the work of man, is the work of God, or of the Universe and its Energy if we want to say another word. What is not the work of man is Nature as well, we can then say that God is Nature.

Comment from the book, by the author:
“To assure ourselves of the existence of God. We have only to look abroad on the works of creation. The universe exists, therefore It has a cause. To doubt the existence of God is to doubt that every effect has a cause, and to assume that something can have been made by nothing.”

The author’s comment emphasizes on the nothing; if there is no cause at all, it means nothing starts all the events not made by man. And according to the author, this is not possible that nothing is a cause. Do scientists, in their belief and knowledge, agree that nothing can be a cause? A psychologist would say that nothing can be a cause, say and do nothing can cause anger to someone, and even any other feeling and reaction; the cause here is saying and do nothing; but in their belief and knowledge, do psychologists agree that saying and doing nothing is not an action?

It is very important that scientists work with a spiritual mindset, there are already many of them doing so; it is important for mainly two reasons:

Scientists are important people for Humanity.

  • If they get spiritual mindset during their work, they will be able to come up with more solutions, suggestions than when they only focus on material and/or measurable elements.
  • If scientists explain to people that some events are caused by what we call now “nothing”, and it is actually something, something that is not measurable, controllable; then it might help people to evolve from believing in a God with a story, human feelings, man-made dogmas… to knowing in an universal Energy, cause of everything; also can be called, Universe or God.

We can see, nowadays, especially since science became superior to religions, that people are quite happy and satisfied when scientists find a material and measurable reason of an event that only religion could explain only though belief and faith. because in people mind, it means that this event has nothing to do with God, religion, Universe, since human can explain it concretely.

What scientists actually show us in each natural event they can measure and explain and even sometimes show it so we can see it happen with our eyes, are according to the Spirits, the “nothing” cause, the Universe cause, the God cause. Scientists do show us, for our human sight, what is the very cause of the event, they don’t turn God and the Universe to ridiculous, they concretely show us God’s work.

They “search out the cause of whatever is not the work of man”, and they “furnish us the proof of existence of God” themselves.

we recommend this book for those who want to start practicing safely.


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