God – Proofs of the Existence of God / Question #5

#5 What is to be inferred from the intuition of the existence of God which may be said to be the common property of the human mind ?

#5 What is to be inferred from the intuition of the existence of God which may be said to be the common property of the human mind

“That God exists; for whence could the human mind derive this intuition if it had no real basis? The inference to he drawn from the fact of this intuition is a corollary of the axiom. ‘There Is no effect without a cause.'”

The mediums asked this question supposedly all human beings have this intuition of the existence of something responsible of all effects, this intuition that this unexplained Cause exists. It is not easy to speculate such a fact; however, it is sure that every one must have already wondered question about Life, even though the questions are simply why and how. If, somehow and somewhere within us, we have had this common answer which whispers inside us that there could be a Universal Cause with smartness and logical sense that we have called God; then yes, this intuition is a property of human beings.

So what about the answer? Simple, God exists. That is why we do have this property as human beings. The Spirits based their answer on the cause of the intuition; since the mediums asked the question supposedly all human beings do have this intuition in common. Then is this is a fact, this is also a consequence, an effect. And as they already said in a previous question, “there is no effect without a cause.” According to them, the cause is “That God exists.”

As the Spirits answered on this supposition, let’s focus a little more on this supposition, that all human beings have this intuition in themselves. Do the mediums mean we have it naturally? It would mean it is inside our Spirit, our DNA, or both. This intuition may not come from inside, but outside; through education, culture, simple conversations…

If this intuition is not proper to human beings and then comes from the outside, then it can’t happen to everyone, it can’t happen to the 7+ billions of humans, unless we have a global unique culture that includes the education which would make people think there is a God, a Smart Universe and Energy. But we are far away from this unique global culture, with so many cultures that we know more or less, from the 4 corners of the World, we always see these ancestral, tribal or advanced cultures where a God is the cause of Life and all. Native Americans, Christian, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists and all other religions, Native Australians, African tribes, South American tribes…

So no matter where and when people live, they live in societies that wonder, or believe and even sometimes simply know in such a Cause. A global culture and society is not needed to make all human beings get this idea of a God Creator. However, if this intuition is really from inside, then should not we be careful that the upcoming global society and culture do not decrease and hide this intuition from us ?

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