God – Proofs of the Existence of God / Question #7

#7 Is the first cause of the formation of things to be found in the essential properties of matter ?

#7 - Is the first cause of the formation of things to be found in the essential properties of matter

“If such were the case, what would be the cause of those properties? There must always be a first cause.”

The mediums are trying to find another cause than God or the Universe to explain “things” and suggest that the cause of those are from their properties; the kind of DNA of matter that surrounds us. But to that, the Spirits answer by a question, what would be the cause of those properties, of this matter’s DNA? There is a cause of these properties, no matter what they look like.

Comments from the author:
To attribute the first formation of things to the essential properties of matter, would be to take the effect for the cause, for those properties are themselves an effect, which must have a cause.

Properties of matter have, according to the Spirits and to this comment, a cause; which means they are an effect; they might be the cause of the formation of things, but if properties are an effect, then it means there is a cause behind it. So let’s not take an effect for the First Cause.

But we can wonder, what is the First Cause, if it is not the Universe, God.
Formation of things are from properties of matters; so, matters, which are used to form things through their properties, have a cause; can it be their properties themselves? Their own properties would be the cause of the matter. And matter changes according to its properties and become from one unique matter, a multitude of matters. Just like when you see the differences of atoms, molecules between the diamond and the graphite. Finally, the difference is not so huge in term of properties (DNA, number of atoms…) between pure transparent diamond and the black rock?

So properties are the most far cause we can see and understand; but who/what did “set up” the properties of the matter in order to create things? Just like developers can set up the codes of a feature on a mobile application that will say “you go to this screen when you click here”. Our scientist already know quite a lot of the coding of the Laws of Nature, atomic composition etc… But what is the cause that, from carbon, the matter can become a diamond or a graphite according to its structure.

These rules, these properties are indeed the cause of all the matter and its formation, but it is also an effect of a First Cause, at the very top; which is, according to Spirits, God, the Universe.

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