God – Proofs of the Existence of God / Question #8

#8 What is to be thought of the opinion that attributes the first formation of things to a fortuitous combination of matter, in other words, to chance ?

#8 - What is to be thought of the opinion that attributes the first formation of things to a fortuitous combination of matter, in other words, to chance

“Another absurdity! Who that is possessed of common sense can regard chance as an intelligent agent? And, besides, what is chance? Nothing.”

According to Spirits, it is a common sense that the First Cause is an intelligent agent, there is a willingness behind it, a logical sense and smartness. From this fact, it is indeed absurd to imagine chance is the First Cause since for us, chance is usually what we use to explain an event we cannot explain or think that skills and smartness have nothing to do with.

It means that chance is the cause to events that occur without explanation, it would mean that God, the Universe, are not the First Cause here, chance is. Because we do think that the events, so, the effects, are not logical and don’t show any smartness behind it.

Here is the comment of the author about it:
The harmony which regulates the mechanism of the universe can only result from combinations adopted in view of predetermined ends, and thus, by its very nature, reveals the existence of an Intelligent Power. To attribute the first formation of things to chance is nonsense for chance cannot produce the results of intelligence. If chance could be intelligent, it would cease to be chance.

The author indeed validate the Spirits’ remark, chance is opposed to intelligence, logical sense and smartness.

But we can wonder one thing; here, mediums, Spirits and the author talk about chance as the First Cause of first formation of things. We can understand that chance is not the First Cause of such event; but what about chance as the direct cause of everyday events? For example, you barely avoid a car accident because you were earlier than usual; and normally you would have been in the place and the time of the accident if you did not leave earlier than usual. Is chance the first direct cause?

If no, it means there is a logical and intelligent cause behind it; why did you wake up, prepare and left earlier today? Because you felt tired and slept earlier the day before. Why did you feel more tired than usual? Because you went out to so late the night before etc… We can actually find a logical reason behind all events. What about the people in the accident, weren’t they lucky? Why wouldn’t they be lucky why you were lucky? What is the cause to get lucky and the cause not to get lucky? Should have they slept earlier as well?

We must precise that chance might have a different meaning now, people indeed use this word even though everyone knows chance has nothing to do with the event. For example you get to enter Harvard, and your friend says “oh wow you’re so lucky!”. Not really…

Finally, Spirits conclude this question well with another question: “What is chance? Nothing.”
Isn’t finally just a word humans created and used to explain things they cannot explain? But in the Natural Laws of the Universe, chance is nothing, it does not exist.

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