God – Attributes of the Divinity / Question 11

#11 Will man ever become able to comprehend the mystery of the Divinity ?

#11 - Will man ever become able to comprehend the mystery of the Divinity

“When his mind shall no longer be obscured by matter, and when by his perfection, he shall have brought himself nearer to God, he will see and comprehend him.”

In other words, is a human being able to understand the mystery of the Universe? Being made with matter, with organs, skins and all; can such a living being understand something real not made of any tangible matter?

A human being is made of matter and of a Spirit as well as some intangible matter like Energy, we will talk more about it at the right question. As there is a part in a human being being quite similar to the Universe, maybe he can understands the mystery of the Divinity, the Universe by letting go off the matter.

That is the Spirits’ answer, the human should make him mind less obscured by matter; it does not mean he should remove the matter out of him, otherwise he would die, it also does not mean he should live without matter, then how could he feed himself? He wold die as well. The Spirits mean that humans should live with values such as spirituality, meditation, empathy, compassion, family, friendship…

Living a life like it was a race to power, fame, money, acquisition of products or being at the top of whatever humankind hierarchy will not help you to comprehend the mystery of the Universe, which is not made of values such as the ones above.

We can highlight a part of the answer, “by his perfection”; they are indeed talking about humans, not God. So we can link that, according to Spirits, the fact that man live less through matter all the time are a cause of his perfection. “nobody is perfect” according to humans, but it seems that Spirits have a way for us to approach perfection. Live with more spiritual ethics, thoughts, speeches and actions. Once he starts to live in this way, a less material way, he will see and comprehend the Universe.

Here is the comment of the author:
The inferiority of the human faculties renders it impossible for man to comprehend the essential nature of God. In the infancy of the race, man often confounds the Creator with the creature, and attributes to the former the imperfections of the latter. But, in proportion, his moral sense becomes developed, man’s thought penetrates more deeply into the nature of things, and he is able to form to himself a juster and more rational idea of the Divine Being, although his idea of that Being must always be imperfect and incomplete.

As the author says, human faculties prevent him from understanding fully the essential nature of the Universe, God. That is why, living in matter or in spirituality, man will always have am imperfect and incomplete idea of the Divine Being.

But a man living a spiritual life will understand much more and much deeper than a man living a material life. But how far a human being can understand the mystery of the Universe?

we recommend this book for those who want to start practicing safely.


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