General Elements of the Universe – Knowledge of the First Principles of Things / Question #19

#19 Cannot man, through scientific investigation, penetrate some of the secrets of nature ?


“The faculty of scientific research has been given to him as a means by which he may advance in every direction; but he cannot overstep the limits of his present possibilities.”

Scientific research indeed does help humans a lot to get answers about many different directions, including the Universe’s language, also defined as the Natural Laws. However, man cannot overstep the limits established by the humans’ non-purity itself even with the understanding of the Natural Laws through science.

We can see on medias, both mainstream and alternative, more and more articles about scientists who agree about this Intelligent First Cause above us all; that all living beings including nature have not been randomly created, especially Life itself, surrounding us. They don’t come up with this conclusion through religions nor Spiritism and Spirits themselves unlike us in this blog. No, they use science, scientific conclusion made by people who do not believe in God, the Universe.

A recent article was referencing a scientist claiming that God is a mathematician, interesting. Spirits might tell him something very interesting. But what we have so far is our comments about this:

Mathematics is the science, it is a whole language that can explain many things that words cannot. Including the Natural Laws such as gravity, growth of plants and so many others that we can’t even know the name of… Man concludes that God is a mathematician because what He has created can be explained through mathematics.

That’s a big positive step since now humans less and less think science as a way to counter the Universe; indeed, human used to, and still do a little, see science as a way to understand the Natural Laws, and what can be understood by science means God has nothing to do with it. It is sad to see people understand such amazing things through science but cannot realize that they actually understood the language of the Universe, God’s own coding… Now it is changing.

Although this seems positive, man still doesn’t totally realize that God is not just a mathematician, but the First Cause who created the Natural Laws that we live in and through and that humans have created a science called mathematics to understand it.

But as the Spirits say here, man cannot fully understands all the Natural Laws yet, he needs to improve spiritually to reach the maximum of understanding that his capabilities allow him to, which is far from understanding it fully and completely.

Here is the comment of the author:
The farther man advances in the study of the mysteries around him, the greater should be his admiration of the power and wisdom of the Creator. But, partly through pride, partly through weakness, his intellect itself often renders him the sport of illusion. He heaps systems upon systems; and every day shows him how many errors he has mistaken for truths, how many truths he has repelled as errors. All this should be a lesson for his pride.

we recommend this book for those who want to start practicing safely.


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