General Elements of the Universe – Properties of Matter / Question #33

#33 Is the same elementary matter susceptible of undergoing all possible modifications and of acquiring all possible qualities ?

#33 - Is the same elementary matter susceptible of undergoing all possible modifications and of acquiring all possible qualities.jpg

“Yes; and it is, this fact which is implied in the saying that everything is in everything.”

– Does not this theory appear to bear out the opinion of those who admit only two essential properties of matter, viz., force and movement, and who regard all the other Properties of matter as being merely secondary effects of these, varying according to the intensity of the force and the direction of the movement ?

“That opinion is correct. But you must also add, according to the mode of molecular arrangement, as you see exemplified, for instance, in an opaque body, that may become transparent, and vice versa.”

Another way to ask the previous questions; the primitive matter can turn into unions that will be good for some organs and bad for others. So everything is in everything since every matter is created based on the primitive matter; no matter what results it looks like. Find the way to directly edit the combination of the primitive matter and you can turn a matter into something else.

But we still don’t know the limits of such an action. Maybe one day we will be able to reach this primitive substance; but if we do so, can we change it completely? Spirits answer at the second question that it affects the movement, the force and the opacity of the matter.

Which can lead us to think about these movies and series with “alien” material that can turn from opaque into invisible. If such thing exists in reality, that could be from a simple but still complicated for us, change of the primitive substance.

Here is the comment of the author:
Oxygen, hydrogen, azote, carbon and all the other bodies which we regard as simple, are only modifications of one primitive substance. But the impossibility, in which we have hitherto found ourselves, of arriving at this primitive matter otherwise than as an intellectual deduction, causes these bodies to appear to us to be really elementary and we may, therefore, without Impropriety, continue for the present to regard them as such.

we recommend this book for those who want to start practicing safely.


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