General Elements of the Universe – Universal Space / Question #35

#35 Is universal space infinite or limited ?

#35 - Is universal space infinite or limited.jpg

“Infinite. Suppose the existence of boundaries, what would there be beyond them? This consideration confounds human reason; and nevertheless your reason itself tells you that it cannot be otherwise. It is thus with the idea of infinity, under whatever aspect you consider it. The idea of infinity cannot be comprehended in your narrow sphere.”

Here is the Superior Spirits’ answer, the universe space is infinite. This material World where Spirits incarnate themselves into bodies to live a material experience is infinite. It is indeed hard for us to understand that there is no boundaries since everything around us has a beginning and an end.

Everything we create whether it is material or immaterial has a start and an end. So it is easy to understand that we cannot understand something we never experienced. However, Spirits, us, are in a human body for material experience and after our body perishes, we will come back to the Spirit World; then we can say that we did experience such an infinite concept; but we don’t remember it during incarnation. We will talk about this later.

Also, this material world which is infinite is here to welcome all the Spirits that get incarnated for some experience, for a step; like we all do now. These Spirits are infinite as well so it makes sense that we need an infinite material World to welcome them all, little by little for many steps until Spirits get purified enough.

Here is the comment of the author:
If we imagine a limit to space, no matter how far off our thought may place this limit, our reason tells us that there must still be something beyond it and so on step by step, until we arrive at the idea of infinity; for the “something beyond,” the existence of which is recognized by our thought as necessity, were it only an absolute void, would still be space.

we recommend this book for those who want to start practicing safely.


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