Creation – Formation of Worlds / Question #39

#39 Can we know how world are formed ?

#39 - Can we know how world are formed.jpg

“All that can be said on this subject, within the limits of your comprehension, is this “Worlds are formed by the condensation of the matter disseminated in space.”

This is what we can understand through our human condition, and we actually know for a fact that “worlds” (planets) are created through events in space that, through a way or another, condensate matter which is disseminated in space.

This is the pure material aspect of the creation of planets where living beings can evolve. Now is there a spiritual aspect in such event? A creation of a World is a big deal; both materially and spiritually. It’s a new world that will welcome Spirits when incarnated in material bodies to get experience and improve.

We know that each world has its level of spirituality, we will talk more about this topic later; but Earth is far from being a great world to live in. There still is sadness and pain here, a lot of those. So when a world is created, is there a spiritual goal behind? Materially, a world with an atmosphere where life is possible is created. Spiritually, a world where Spirits will come and live for a lifetime is created.

In this answer, the Spirit here only talks about the material aspect.

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