Creation – Production of Living Beings / Question #43

#43 When did earth begin to be peopled ?

#43 - When did earth begin to be peopled.jpg

“In the beginning all was chaos; the elements were mixed up in a state of confusion. Gradually those elements settled into their proper places, and then appeared the orders of living beings appropriate to the successive states of the globe.”

A simple answer that does not counter any serious scientific theory.

First the planet was in this step where elements are still being mixed violently. And once it was calm, settled down with an atmosphere and elements essential to life, life appeared. But it appeared little by little through beings adapted to the different states.

This answer does not precise if living beings are deeply linked to each other like the evolutionism theory wants, nor that very different living beings have been put on Earth in a way or another according to the state of Earth and that can then allow them to survive, and so, perish when Earth have reached another state that can no longer keep these species.

We might get more detailed answers in the next questions.

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