Creation – Production of Living Beings / Question #44

#44 Whence came the living beings that appeared upon the earth ?

#44 - Whence came the living beings that appeared upon the earth.jpg

“The germs of these were contained in the earth itself, awaiting the favorable moment for their development. The organic principles came together on the cessation of the force which held them asunder, and those principles formed the germs of all the living beings that have people the earth. Those germs remained latent and inert, like the chrysalis and the seed of plants, until the arrival of the proper moment for the vivification of each species. The beings of each species then came together and multiplied.”

All beings that peopled and currently people the Earth don’t come from outer space but from the Earth itself. It means, at the end of the formation of this planet, there were the “seeds” of all kinds of living beings we know and maybe more, dinosaurs, reptiles, birds, fishes, mammal animals, humans etc…

These families of living beings peopling the Earth little by little, step by step according to the state of Earth are then in the Earth since the beginning. What form? “seed”, “germ”, this is quite imaged and it is hard to imagine what are called seed, or germ. Are those cells? DNA? maybe or something we don’t know about since, maybe, all living beings supposed to people the Earth have “pop-upped” already.

But when do they “pop up”? When the Earth itself allows it through its state of environment. Once the forces that prevented these “seeds” from evolving, those could indeed become the being livings there were supposed to be and people the Earth.

Feel free to comment to keep the debate going. Is this theory possible to you? What about the scientist theories telling humans come from outer space? or that we were single cells, then fish, reptiles, monkeys?

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