Creation – The Production of Living Beings / Question #45

#45 Where were the organic elements before the formation of the earth ?

#45 - Where were the organic elements before the formation of the earth.jpg

“They existed, so to say in the fluidic state, in space, in the midst of the spirits, or in other planets, awaiting the creation of the earth in order to begin a new existence on a new globe.”

These seeds are not fixed in space at all, they are moved through space elements and events. What we know is that they grow once they are in the right environment, but they are in this environment before it is adequate to the seeds. And before that, they are in the midst of spirit, or in other planet awaiting a new globe to appear where existence of grown seeds is possible.

Here is the comment of the author
Chemistry shows us the molecules of inorganic bodies uniting to produce crystals of regular forms that are invariable for each species, as soon as those molecules find themselves in the conditions necessary to their combination. The slightest disturbance of those conditions suffices to prevent the union of the material elements, or at least, to prevent the regular arrangement of the latter which constitutes the crystal. Why should not the same action take place among the organic elements? We preserve for years the seeds of plants and of animals, which are only vivified at a certain temperature and under certain conditions: grains of wheat have been seen to germinate after the lapse of centuries. There is, then, in seeds a latent principle of Vitality, which only awaits the concourse of favorable circumstances to develop itself. May not that which takes place under our eyes every day have also taken place at the origin of the globe? Does this view of the formation of living beings brought forth out of chaos by the action of the forces of nature itself detract in any way from the glory of God? So far from doing this, the view of creation thus presented to us is more consonant than any other with our sense of the vastness of His power exerting its way over all the worlds of infinity through the action of universal laws. This theory, it is true, does not solve the problem of the origin of the vital elements, but nature has mysteries which it is as yet impossible for us to explain.

The author compares these seeds of living beings with the seeds of plants that we know, that we handle ourselves every day; these seeds can grow hundreds of years later if well conserved and if the right environment shows up. Living beings’ seeds are the same in theory, but physically speaking, it has not been precised how it looks like. Is it actually 100% material like a wheat seed?

The Superior Spirit here tells us these special seeds can sometimes be in the midst of spirits, which means those are not material; at least not before they grow. Of course humans multiply themselves thanks to their human bodies genitals and the rest of what is needed. But what about the first to come? These seeds can be an answer, the answer from Spirits.

we recommend this book for those who want to start practicing safely.


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