The Vital Principle – Organic and Inorganic Beings / Question #66

#66 Is the vital principle the same for all organic beings ?

#66 - Is the vital principle the same for all organic beings.jpg

“Yes; but modified according to species. It is that principle which gives them the power of originating movement and activity, and distinguishes them from inert matter; for the movement of matter is not spontaneous. Matter is moved; it does not originate movement.”

This vital principle is what give matter the power of moving, that we understand. non-organic matter does not have this vital principle since it cannot move, it is just moved by people, animal, or even things (like wind). But now we learn that the vital principle is different according to species.

We don’t have too much details now on a hierarchy or something of this vital principle. But we can guess this vital principle, which gives the power of movement and activity to organic matter, is different for each of those categories (this is only a guess from our comment): humans, animals, insect, plants, microbial cells.

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