The Vital Principle – Organic and Inorganic Beings / Question #67

#67 Is vitality a permanent attribute of the vital principle, or is vitality only developed by the
play of the organs in which it is manifested ?

Question #67

“It is only developed in connection with a body. Have we not said that this agent, without matter, is not life? The union of the two is necessary to the production of life.”

– Would it be correct to say that vitality is latent when the vital agent is not united with a body ?

“Yes; that is the case.”

Life is then the result of two agents, matter and vitality. Matter without vitality is just some inert object, vitality without matter is still is, but in a latent state. Does it mean our organs are the only acceptable receptacle for vitality while any other thing is not? Vitality does only manifest through organs, in which it is manifested.

The comment of the author:
The totality of the organs of a body constitutes a sort of mechanism which receives its impulsion from the active or vital principle that resides in them. The vital principle Is the motive power of organised bodies. And while the vital principle gives impulsion of the organs in which it resides, the play of those organs develops and keeps up the activity of the vital principle, somewhat as friction develops heat.

Matter and vital principle are dependent to each other, one will start the other while the activity of the latter will keep it active.

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