Chapter II – General Elements of the Universe

Sub-chapter: Knowledge of the First Principles of Things

#17 It is given to mankind to know the first principle of things ?

#18 Will man ever be able to penetrate the mystery of things now hidden from him ?

#19 Cannot man, through scientific investigation, penetrate some of the secrets of nature ?

#20 Is man permitted to receive communications of a higher order in regard to matters which, not being within the scope of his sense, are beyond the pale of scientific investigation ?

Sub-chapter: Spirit and Matter

#21 Has matter existed from all eternity, like God, or has it been created at some definite period of time ?

#22 Matter is generally defined as being “that which has extension,” “that which can make an impression upon our senses,” “that which possesses impenetrability.” Are these definitions correct ?

#23 What is Spirit ?

#24 Is spirit synonymous with intelligence ?

#25 Is spirit independent of matter, or is it only one of the properties of matter, as colors are a property of light, and as sound is a property of the air ?

#26 Can spirit be conceived of without matter, and matter without spirit ?

#27 There are, then, two general elements of the universe mater and spirit ?

#28 Since spirit itself is something, would it not be more correct and clearer to designate these two general elements by the terms inert matter and intelligent matter ?

Sub-chapter: Properties of Matter

#29 Is density an essential attribute of matter ?

#30 Is matter formed of one element or of several elements ?

#31 Whence come the different properties of matter ?

#32 According to this view of the subject, savors, odors, colors, sounds, the poisonous or salutary qualities of bodies, are only results of modifications of one and the same primitive substance ?

#33 Is the same elementary matter susceptible of undergoing all possible modifications and of acquiring all possible qualities ?

#34 Have the molecules of matter a determinate form ?

Sub-chapter: Universal Space

#35 Is universal space infinite or limited ?

#36 Does an absolute void exist in any part of space ?