Chapter III – Creation

Sub-chapter: Formation of Worlds

#37 Has the universe been created, or has it existed from all eternity, like God ?

#38 How did God create the universe ?

#39 Can we know how world are formed ?

#40 Are comets, as is now supposed, a commencement of condensation of the primitive matter-worlds in course of formation ?

#41 Is it possible for a completely formed world to disappear, and for the matter of which it is composed to be again disseminated in space ?

#42 Can we know the length of time employed in the formation of worlds-of the earth, for instance ?

Sub-chapter: Production of Living Beings

#43 When did earth begin to be peopled ?

#44 Whence came the living beings that appeared upon the earth ?

#45 Where were the organic elements before the formation of the earth ?

#46 Do any living beings come into existence spontaneously at the present day ?

#47 Was the human species among the organic elements contained in the terrestrial globe ?

#48 Can we ascertain the epoch of tile appearance of man and of the other living beings on the earth ?

#49 If the germs of the human race were among the organic elements of the globe, why are human beings not produced spontaneously at the present day, as they were at the time of its origin ?

Sub-chapter: Peopling of the Earth-Adam

#50 Did the human race begin with one man only ?

#51 Is it possible to know at what period Adam lived ?

Sub-chapter: Diversity of Human Races

#52 What is the cause of the physical and moral differences that distinguish the various races of men upon the earth ?

#53 Did the human race come into existence on various points of the globe ?

#54 If the human species do not all proceed from the same progenitor, should they, on that account, cease to regard one another as brothers ?

Sub-chapter: Plurality of Worlds

#55 Are all the globes that resolve in space inhabited ?

#56 Is the physical constitution of all globes the same ?

#57 The physical constitution of the various worlds not being the same for all does it follow that the beings who inhabit them have different organizations ?

#58 Are the planets furthest removed from the sun stinted in light and heat, the sun only appeared to them of the size of one of the fixed stars ?

Sub-chapter: The Biblical Account of the Creation

Commentary of the author about the Biblical Account of the Creation in spirit philosophy.