Chapter IV – The Vital Principle

Sub-chapter: Organic and Inorganic Beings

#60 Is the force which unites the elements of matter in organic and inorganic bodies the same ?

#61 Is there any difference between the matter of organic and inorganic bodies ?

#62 What is the cause of animalisation of matter ?

#63 Does the vital principle resides in a special agent, or is it only a property of organized matter; in other words, is it an effect or a cause ?

#64 We have seen that spirit and matter are two constituent elements of the universe. Does the vital principle constitute a third element?

#65 Does the vital principle reside in any one of the bodies known to us ?

#66 Is the vital principle the same for all organic beings ?

#67 Is vitality a permanent attribute of the vital principle, or is vitality only developed by the
play of the organs in which it is manifested ?