Creation – Formation of worlds / Question #42

#42 Can we know the length of time employed in the formation of worlds-of the earth, for instance ?

#42 - Can we know the length of time employed in the formation of worlds-of the earth, for instance.jpg

“This is a matter in regard to which I can tell you nothing, for it is only known to the Creator; and foolish indeed would he be who should pretend to possess such knowledge, or to number the ages of such formation.”

According to this Spirit, only the Universe, God, knows this answer. And if a Spirit answers to this questions, then it means this Spirit is lying. However, Even as a human we can calculate approximately when the Earth was created; but it is indeed hard to know how long it took between the start and the finishing the Earth.

But we can ask ourselves, can’t Spirits in the Spirit World see the creation of worlds since it belongs to the physical space? Aren’t they able to notice such things? According to this Spirit, they don’t. Or at least they don’t witness the before of the very end of the creation. Maybe the Spirit, by “length”, understood, like we wrote about in a previous article, that worlds are created in 2 parts, spiritually and physically. Then maybe only the Creator, the First Cause can, through willingness, create worlds in the spiritual part and only Him can witness this part.

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