GOD – God and Infinity / Question #1

#1 What is God?

#1 - What is God

“God is the Supreme Intelligence-First Cause of all things.”

God is not a person, nor a thing; it is not quantifiable, nor point-able. What we call God is the Cause of everything, living or non-living things.
God indeed does not have a beard, does not have a skin color and does not have a religion; but It is the first cause of all those things…

So we can ask ourselves, does God is the First Cause of wars and famines ? The direct cause of it is Human Beings, and the direct cause of Human Beings is God, the Supreme Intelligence-First Cause of all things.

But Humans have this thing called free-will, and this free-will is the first direct cause of wars and famines; but it is also the direct cause of Love, Compassion and Peace. So, as it is explained in the very definition of free-will, it is our choice to choose our path: war or peace? famine or sharing?

we recommend this book for those who want to start practicing safely.


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