General Elements of the Universe – Knowledge of the First Principles of Things / Question 17

#17 It is given to mankind to know the first principle of things ?


“No. There are things that cannot be understood by man in this world.”

Again, the mediums ask the Spirits if we will be able, one day, to understand something: the first principle of things this time. Last time was understanding God. and the answer is the same, humans cannot understand it all because he lacks of spirituality, of perfection.

How to get more perfect? by letting go off material life. But we will see this more deeply in the next question.

Meanwhile, we can conclude that human beings just can’t understand it all. Let’s remind ourselves that we are Spirits having a human body experience, and this in order to improve ourselves and find out more about the first principle of things later, when being more pure.

we recommend this book for those who want to start practicing safely.


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